aquatic plants

The way to make an aquarium attractive

Types of different aquarium plants:

It is very essential to create the feature of the aqua life in the aquarium. It should be pleasant and it suits the creature which will live in it. there is a various category of plants that are mainly meant for aquarium. following is the list of familiar live aquarium plants.

Java fern is one of the familiar aquarium plants. it is essential to reduce the brightness of the incandescent bulbs as well as better to prefer the softer fluorescent lights. It is one of the best plants which can live in the low-light category of the aquarium. This plan nearly needs around 1.5 based watts of light for a gallon of water. The main feature of this is that it can live in brackish water.

Anubias is one kind of genus aquatic as well as the semi-aquatic form of flowering plants. It can be left floating in a tank for a few specific days. It needs to be anchored to a particular spot. It usually prefers the low light which is less than three watts per gallon. It was important to give nearly eight to nine hours of light every day. The standard form of LED light would be the best for this type of plant.

Java moss does not grow fast. It is slow growers. They grow nearly one to 1.5 inches every month. It requires low light and is more in demand.

Wallichii these plants are grown very healthy way. the unique feature of this is that the leaf of it open and shut which is based on the schedule of lighting.