Animal lover Movies of All Time: Savaari

Animal lover Movies of All Time: Savaari

Savaari! This movie title suits it the most. This movie is narrated by the horse named Baadsha. It’s the story of a poor guy who lives with a horse and he falls in love with a girl, who runs away from her own wedding. It’s a beautiful love story and a humanity story. It shows the extent of love towards the animal. Raju’s whole lifestyle depended on Badshah. You can watch this movie on aha in telugu. It’s a HD movie which has so much love and fun. Enjoy the vibe of love with a twist of fun. Watch savaari movie online on aha!


It’s the story of a pet horse Baadsha and owner raju. Raju earns money by taking badshah on barats and savari at parks. The whole raju world is filled with horse. Raju is a poor guy who has a drinking issue. Badshah is his ride which has some heart issues. He is sick with a heart problem. Raju wants to earn some good money for his treatment. He eats only one meal a day and saves money. At that time he meets heroine Bhaagi,  her parents die in a car crash and she lives with an uncle who is always rude to her. Raju meets at a bar, as she is depressed about her life. Slowly they become good friends, she helps Raju to earn money for the horse treatment. They do exhibitions and get good money also. They are leading a happy life and they fall in love. The story takes a turn where the horse goes missing. They will search for him. Soo see the whole movie to know whether the horse gets home and what is the issue with Raju’s love life?

Technical Assets:

  • Music is a super hit aspect in the movie. Undipoya song is a good song which is heard in loop for a longer time. Music creates the love you wish for.
  • Story, this movie has the best part of the movie. It’s more creative and innovative. Every pet and animal love will cry and feel the pain.
  • Comedy dialogues which attract the viewers to watch this again. The only way to enjoy the movie is it’s very spontaneous and comedy dialogues.
  • Direction of the movie is wonderfully done. You get completely impressed.

Artist Performance:

  • Nandu is an excellent actor and he proved himself with this movie. As a poor, drunk and hard working person he has done a great job. It’s a pleasant act to watch. He has been a charmer.
  • Priyanka has been a great heroine in the movie as a carefree, painful and emotional person.

Cast and Crew:

Actor: Nandu

Actress: Priyanka Sharma

Director: SaahithMothkuri

Producer: Santhosh Mothkuri, Nishank Reddy Kudithi

Writer: SaahithMothkuri

Music: Shekar Chandra

Cinematographer: Monish Bhupathiraju

Editor: Santhosh Menam

Know more about movie:

Production Company: KaalvaNarasimhaSwamy Productions

Release date    : 7 February 2020

Running time  : 133 minutes

Genre: Romantic comedy

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