mobile application penetration testing singapore

Get all-around protection from website penetration with our services

Public access networks such as online web applications are easy hosts for hackers to penetrate system software. Since any application put to a public use cannot be completely protected, it is vulnerable to any hacker attacks. Open software and web applications are dangerous to the data of the system, as viruses may penetrate and you may not know. In this case, mobile application penetration testing singapore is providing testing services to find any flaw in your mobile’s software due to malware attack. Mobile applications offer easy access to malicious websites to enter user data through advertisements, cookies, etc. Therefore, mobile testing is essential to protect your data and keep your privacy.

Our objective for testing

  • To point out the vulnerable sites in mobile and identify loops in its security system, API, web platform, and other services.
  • Ensure that the installed security system is active and gives all-around protection to your mobile, its stored data, and applications.
  • This test also confirms the standards of regulations in your city.

How do we confirm your security?

  • Planning and application walkthrough- In this stage, all information that could be vulnerable to your system is gathered. It defines the goal of the test to undertake and the system used in it.
  • Scan and vulnerability identification- In this step, a blueprint of how the system will react to intrusions is prepared.
  • Accessing exploitation through vulnerabilities – In this stage, the test accesses the system through the same gateway from which malware intrusion occurs by imitating threats.
  • Analyze and report- The test result is analyzed based on the sensitive data that was disturbed, the time until the pen tester could stop malware attacks, and the vulnerabilities destroyed.

We ensure complete protection through our advanced protection services for your mobile phone. Take the test today.