best durian delivery singapore

Guide to durian delivery

One of the most contentious foods in the world is durian. This tropical fruit, enjoyed by some but despised by others, can be eaten raw or cooked. Thailand, Malaysia, Indonesia, and the Philippines are the leading countries where durian is harvested. The “king of fruits,” or durian, is a huge, spiky, greenish-brown fruit that is extremely popular in its native Southeast Asia. When mature, the fruit is renowned for its potent aroma, which varies depending on the durian species. The fresh fruit has even been banned from several public spaces and mass transit since many people find the smell offensive—one of the best durian delivery singapore.

Buying durian in Singapore

There is the ideal one for you, whether you prefer yours, buttery and bitter, sweet and sticky, or rich and bittersweet. Simply orderOrder from one of these durian delivery shops in Singapore before the end of the season.

  1. 99 Old Trees

It imports its prickly fruit straight from Malaysia to your home. We appreciate how trustworthy these people are since they had previously traded out terrible people for us, demonstrating their pride in their work. You may cart out your order online if you don’t have time to visit its hip new café location close to Chinatown to taste durian sweets and more.

  1. Combat durian

The Rangoon Road section, located in the Farrer Park neighborhood, is home to various durian stands, including Combat Durian. Be sure to WhatsApp these people to check on availability before ordering.


Considering how quickly durians ripen, they shouldn’t take more than a few days on the counter before they are edible. The whole fruit can be kept in the refrigerator for up to two days while wrapped in paper or plastic to slow the ripening.