Using SMS Burst To Improve Your Customer Experience

Yet businesses often Spend a huge amount of money on advertising to connect with new customers, neglecting any investment on retaining their present ones. While this is not always a bad strategy, it is not one that is sustainable in the long term. In a competitive marketplace, Consumers are no longer just interested in the companies that offer the best price. They also look for the high-quality support they get after the sale. In fact, 7 out of 10 customers are willing to spend more on exceptional after sales service.

In today’s competitive Market, how do firms set themselves apart by improving their after-sales customer experience? Consumers polled have revealed that companies who are most accessible and continually engage with their customers are the ones they attempt to buy from. In the age of mobile programs and social media, SMS is one type of communication that is often overlooked. But with 98% of text messages being read, and most of the in the first five seconds, it is among the most effective communication channels that a company can offer to its customers.

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The key to using sms blast services singapore is personalization. SMS blasts received a lot of flak from consumers over the last few years because customers felt that the messages were intrusive, generic and often not private whatsoever. They were also focused more on selling than they were about caring for customers. However, SMS technology Has come so far now that even the most personalized interaction can now be automated. From appointment reminders that address the customer by name, to scheduled messages to wish them a happy birthday, clients now appreciate this instant interaction when companies make it more about creating a relationship with them than purely just trying to get them to buy something. Even if it is just a simple message to check if a finished hardware installation was successful and that help is only a phone call away, clients will be impressed just to know that firms are willing to listen.

Text messaging in the Business world can be no longer one way. Not only can customers respond to messages like event invitations and be instantly registered, managers and supervisors can now alert if a reply requires immediate attention, like in a case where a client has given bad feedback on a recent purchase. Probably the most Advantageous reason for using SMS on your customer experience is that the investment required and the effort required to keep it are extremely low, making it an excellent choice especially for smaller companies that don’t have enough manpower to be constantly available to interact with its clients.